Youth Acting Classes

Pop-up & Group Acting Classes

Pop-up & Group Acting Classes

Star Acting Studios provides pop up, group classes for youth between the ages of 6 to 12. These classes are recreational and are geared to inspire and help increase your child's confidence.

Our programs are for nine weeks, and during the final week, we will put on a play for parents. Students from our classes have gone on to star in T.V shows and commercials. Depending on your child's acting abilities, there will be opportunities for them to progress in the film and television industry.

Youth Acting Classes

​Acting will directly impact the character of your child. This creative outlet provides an opportunity for children to discover their inner strengths and will help them become more confident in interacting with others. By enrolling in our nine-week class, your child will gain an understanding of themselves and others through the world of role-playing.

New drama games and activities will be explored every week classes will be taught by professionals who understand the film and television industry, as well as the Ontario Dramatic Arts curriculum. Your child does not require any experience to join our classes. Let us help nourish your child's imagination, character, and social skills.

Programs (Taxes Included)


Pop up classes occur once a year. Subscribe to our mailing list for further details.


Each class is one hour long.


The program runs for nine weeks long every Sunday. After nine weeks, the students will put on a play for the parents.

Benefits for Your Child

  • Positive self-image
  • Can identify with the feelings, attitudes, and thoughts of others
  • Improved social skills
  • Will become more confident speaking in front of others
  • Will learn to be more expressive


The kids were amazing, and of course they learned from the best! You're an amazing person and teacher!

Sarah and Family

Thank you for improving my daughters confidence and imagination. The class was awesome and she will definitely be back! ​​

Julieane + Sierra

"Thank you soo much! The play was fantastic and she LOVED your class. It went a long way towards building her confidence! Thank you Shadia!"

Traci Feggi